Hard work beats talent. Bring it on!

The demoteams create the image of MOVES! Amsterdam. They represent the school at many dance competitions and events. Dancers train many times a week: follow regular classes as well as attend an extra class specially given for them. At this class the demoteam works on technique, improvisation skills, stage performance, and learns and rehearses the dances specially choreographed for them.

12-14 YEARS – Da Moves Crew

We are proud to have these talented girls that make up a Da Moves Crew. The dancers are from 12 to 14 years old. They participate in different dance contests, battles, theatre performances and other events. The team has already gained many awards in contests and competitions. We are looking forward to new victories!


We want people to hear more about MOVES! That’s why we are looking for new talents to create a second demoteam in another age category. Everybody who is 16 years of age and older can get a chance to become a crew member, perform on the stage and share their energy with the audience.


Do you have a unique talent for dance? You always wanted to perform? Grasp your opportunity and apply for an open audition for Da Moves Crew!

Being part of this team requires intensive trainings with our talented choreographers to become that unique dancer of DaMovesCrew. In short: you have to love dancing and performing, willing to train hard, and be a team player with commitment. We’ll inform you about the next audition. See you soon!